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A Selection of Current Courses



Oil and Gas MBA

Commences: Monday 22nd September 2014. Application deadline: 15th August 2014.

Distance learning

Fundamentals of

Warehouse Logistics & Inventory Management

Commences: Wednesday 8th October 2014

Distance learning

Fundamentals of

Gas and LNG Contracts and Pricing

Commences: Tuesday 1st July 2014

Distance learning

MBA (Harbour Masters) - Diploma Top-Up

Commences: Monday 22nd September 2014. Application deadline: 15th August 2014

Distance learning

International Diploma for

Harbour Masters

Commences: Tuesday 30th September 2014.

Distance learning


Starting in a few weeks - your guide to making better petroleum investment decisions

Fundamentals of

Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Economics education and training course from IBC

Commences: Wednesday 6th May 2014

Distance learning

The A to Z of upstream, midstream and downstream cash flow components, indicators, risk management, decision analysis and valuation in the oil and gas industry



Fundamentals of Oil & Gas

"Very challenging, comprehensive and informative"
Dorothy Pinyoloya
Managing DirectorJdora ug Ltd

Fundamentals of Oil & Gas Agreements

"The course is very instructive and meets the challenges of explaining contractual terms in a specific industry, perfectly. It is well-fitted for those who need to familiarize themselves with first hand understanding of this industry"
Mohamed Y. Alem
Senior PartnerAlem & Associates

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Join the professional development course of choice for port professionals, now in its 15th year!

Diploma in

Port Management

Port Management distance learning training course

Commences: Monday 23rd June 2014

Distance learning

Providing the underpinning knowledge to enable port management professionals to meet their day-to-day challenges.


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